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Day Trips

Sihanoukville - Discover 3 Island
Tour Code: VSD-SHN001 - Duration: One day  ---  Price: 462,000 VND
There are many famous wild beach and islands. The reefs around Sihanoukville are rich in corals, sponges and all sorts of sea life, from eels to anemones and stingrays to dolphins. ...
Phnompenh Discovery 1 day
Tour Code: VSD-PHN02 - Duration: One day  ---  Price: 1,428,000 VND
If you're limited to one day in Phnom Penh, this is the best choice for you, discover the center of city with luxurious palace to outside Phnom penh with a historic time. ...
Discover Phnom Chisor - Phonom Da - Ta Prohm
Tour Code: VSD-PHN01 - Duration: One day  ---  Price: 1,638,000 VND
Enjoy the spectacular views of the surrounding plains from Phnom Chisor Mountain and visit the fascinating religious complex aged over 900 years old at Brahman Temple. The tour then proceeds to the si ...
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