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4 Day Bike Tour From Da Lat To Buon Me Thuot (DakLak)

Vietnam Tours » Adventure Tours » Da Lat
Tour Code: VSA-DL002
Travel Style: Adventure Tours
Area: Da Lat
Duration: 4 days / 3 nights
Price: 0 VND

Best Price: 0 VND

The remote and undiscovered Central Highlands contain some of Vietnam's best-kept secrets. You will get off the beaten path and discover pristine lakes, clear rivers, vast swathes of historic jungle and isolated ethnic minority villages. This 3 day cycling adventure takes you from Dalat - the city of flower to the central highland hill station of Buon Me Thuot. This unique journey is a fantastic way to the see the country in an ideal climate for biking. The itinerary can be done in reverse as well, for those starting in Buon Me Thuot city and venturing down from the north.

The itinerary: Dalat – Lam Ha - Lak Lake - Draysap Falls - Buon Me Thuot

Day 1 - Dalat – Lam Ha (B= breakfast, L= lunch)

Day 2 –Lam Ha - Lak Lake (B,L)

Day 3 – Lak Lake – Draysap Falls (B,L)

Day 4 - Draysap falls - Yok Don Park - Buon Me Thuot.(B,L)

D’raysap is the name in the E De language which means the Fall of Mist. This meaning is derived from an observation that the powerful flow of the falling water is so fierce that when it hits the water surface below, the water foams. The continuous foaming of the water has made the falling water become a vaporous cloud of mist. The echo of the falling water is heard from a long distance throughout the year.

The largest of Vietnam's national parks, Yok Don encompasses about 60,000 hectares. It is home to nearly 70 animal species, 38 of which are listed as endangered in Indochina, and 17 of those species endangered worlwide. The park habitat accommodates some 200 different species of birds. There are about 17 ethnic groups here. The locals are mostly M'nong, a matrilineal tribe.

The museum is one good place to get some understanding of some 30 distinct ethnic groups residing in Dak Lak province. Displays at the museum feature traditional Mongtagnard dress, as well as agricultural implements, fishing gears, bows and arrows, weaving looms and musical instruments. There is a photo collection with explanation about the historical contact between the Mongtagnards and the majority Vietnamese. The Ethnology Museum is in the former reception of the royal villas of King Bao Dai.

Ako Dhong Village (or Co Thon), is 2 km north of Buon Ma Thuot City, Dak Lak Province.
It has 300 inhabitants, all of the villagers are the E De and the M’Nong people.
"Ako" means the original source in the E De’s language, and "Dhong" means Valley, the Valley of the original source of Ea Nhon Spring. This is a village famous for its prosperity, and is often called "The village of tile-roofed houses" or "Ama Rin Village".

The lake has an area of some 500 hectares. The great body of water hemmed in between low lying mountains has from time immemorial been home to many kinds of wading birds such as wild ducks and teal.
Memory of the visit to the Lak lake would be sticked to Pirogue rowing, elephant riding, and friendly local minorities.

Don village is located close to the Cambodian border and is well known as the native land of elephant hunters and trainers throughout Southeast Asia.
Ban Don has been famous for its Kru, powerful elephant tribe leaders, for a long time, and is well known in India and France for its elephant. Y Pui, a 102-year-old man (1883-1985) who tamed over 450 elephants, spent part of his life as Bao Dai King’s mahout. Elephant training and hunting has been passed down through generations.

The visit to Ban Don take you to villages of minorities Lao, Muong, Ede, Giarai in the area. And if you are interested in the history of Elephant hunting, visit to the Grave of King of Elephant Hunter would be recommended.

The itinerary: Dalat – Lam Ha - Lak Lake - Draysap Falls - Buon Me Thuot

Day 1 - Dalat – Lam Ha (B= breakfast, L= lunch)

8:30 am pick up at your hotel, short tranfer to departure point. - 30 km off road, bike through deep and vast pine tree forests on single lane trails. - Thrill to the 17 km downhill ride to Tanung, afterwards it’s a flat ride to the rolling hills. - Visit Silk Factory, coffee plantation and flower farm.

Stop at Elephant Waterfall for Lunch.

After lunch, 15 km biking more on the country side road to Lam Ha - The total cycling distance is 63 km on the bike. - Overnight in a comfortable local guest house in Lam Ha town.

Day 2 –Lam Ha - Lak Lake (B,L)

The ride begins on the flat countryside road for 10 kilometers, and then 7 km climb up hill to the top of Phu Son Pass. - A 20 kilometer section of downhill riding toike down Phu Son Pass to Phi lieng Village. - The spectacular mountain views are perfect for pictures along the way.

After lunch the ride is pleasant and flat for 40 kilometers to Lak Lake where we overnight in traditional Long Houses.(Homestay). - This day offers 100 km worth of mountain biking.

Day 3 – Lak Lake – Draysap Falls (B,L)

After breakfast, head out to visit one of the old summer retreats of Emperor Bao Dai. Take a boat to a remote village on the far side of Lak Lake. Some light trekking is possible from this village. - Elephant ridingis available here (extra pay). - Back to the long house at Lak Lake for lunch and a rest before the 50 km bike ride to Buon Me Thuot and the 16 km mostly flat ride to the falls. - Swim and relax at the falls. Spend the night in Bungalow or Long House at Draysap Waterfall. - Total 60 km for this day.

Day 4 - Draysap falls - Yok Don Park - Buon Me Thuot.(B,L)

8:00: pick up. Short transfer (about 30 minutes) out of Draysap falls before biking. 8:30 : start biking through pepper plantations, and cashew farms toDon village.

After lunch, visit the hanging bridge, and an elephant hunter’s house, a total of 60 km of biking are offered for this day. Visit Museum of Ethnic Minority Cultures, Housed in the former residence of the French Consul, dating from 1927, this museum contains an important collection of costumes and ethnological artefacts relating to the region’s ethnic minority communities, notably the Ede and the M’nong. There is also a display on the revolutionary history of the region. Visit Buon Me Thuot market to see the daily activities of the local people - Arrive in Buon Me Thuot around 4:30. The evening is free to explore.

End the trip.

Departure : at your hotel in Dalat, End at your hotel in Buon Me Thuot city

Start : at 8 am on the first day

Finish : at 4 pm on the last day

What to Bring:Hat, sunscreen, camera, sport sandle or biking shoes

What is Included: English speaking guide, support vehicle, bikes, helmets, picnic lunch, water, entrance fees, tourist permits and 3 nights accommodation.

What is not included: Dinner, Personal major medical including evacuation insurance coverage is recommended.

Please contact us for price at different period !!!
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